About Us

Durrett & David Risk Management Consultants


Durrett and David Risk Management is a continuation of D.L. Tibbals Risk Management. David Tibbals started the company in 1987 with several clients who quickly recommended the quality and integrity of the firm’s service to others and the firm steadily grew. Due to David’s fine leadership and dedication – D. L. Tibbals became a hallmark both for the clients that we serve and within the industry. With David’s sudden and tragic death in June 2005, we determined to continue to serve our clients with his zest and dedication. We will forever miss our friend, David Tibbals.

Fortunately, David had brought Mac Durrett into the firm in 2003. With his over 30 years of experience, Mac continues to lead the firm based upon its foundation of quality and integrity.


One of the trademarks of Durrett & David Risk Management, Inc. is that the work product generated for every client engagement includes a report clearly outlining our conclusions and recommendations. The report provides a definitive strategy of implementation that serves as the “blueprint”/”roadmap” for action. Our reports don’t spend a lot of time discussing what is right. The focus is on where corrective action needs to be taken and the plan which needs to be implemented.

Why Us?

What differentiates Durrett & David Risk Management, Inc. from other firms in the field is our experience in servicing a wide variety of clientele, both in terms of industry and size. In many cases, Mac Durrett has dealt with a similar problem. A junior consultant is not going to be doing the work.

As consultants, Durrett & David Risk Management, Inc. does not sell or underwrite insurance.

This practice ensures clients of our complete objectivity when providing counsel.