Why Durrett & David Risk Management Consultants, Inc.?

Serving clients worldwide

What differentiates Durrett & David Risk Management, Inc. from other firms in the field is our experience in servicing a varied clientele both in terms of industry and size. In many cases we have dealt with a similar problem.

One of the trademarks of Durrett & David Risk Management, Inc. is that the work product generated for every client engagement includes a report clearly outlining our conclusions and recommendations. The report provides a definitive strategy of implementation that serves as the “blueprint”/”roadmap” for action. Our reports don’t spend a lot of time discussing what is right. The focus is on where corrective action needs to be taken and the plan which needs to be implemented.

Our style of consulting is collaborative. Our consultants’ deep experience working as insurance company underwriters and brokers enable us to understand, appreciate, and help direct your critical service vendors as team leaders rather than competitors or tyrants. This results in “raising the game” of all on the team with improved sense of esprit de corps, including the client, its brokers and agents, insurers, claim adjusters, risk control consultants, and the rest.